Bathroom Vanity Installation
in St. Joseph, MO

bath-midwork-st-josephIf you’ve lately visited several new homes, you might have noticed that most bathrooms now have vanities. Installing a vanity is one of the finest ways to have a significant, immediate impact on the look and style of your bathroom. It’s a large job, but—believe it or not—you can get them for relatively reasonable costs. Discover why so many modern homeowners are choosing vanities for their bathrooms in the following paragraphs.


Vanities come in price ranges from under $400 to over $3,000, offering a variety of methods to create a modern design with only one item. You can find vanities that meet every budget, regardless of whether you’re renovating your bathroom entirely or trying to transition it one piece at a time toward a more modern appearance.

Save Space

A wall-mounted vanity can be of interest to you whether you want to make the most of the space in a tiny bathroom or enhance the beauty of a huge master bath. Since a wall-mounted vanity doesn’t rest on the floor, it naturally gives the impression that the bathroom has more floor space than it actually does. If you choose a vanity that is the same colour as your walls, the effect is magnified because the vanity will appear to nearly blend in with the room.

Versatility in Placement

Wall-mounted vanities don’t need to be installed in a space with a flat surface or a solid floor. The countertop’s height is entirely adjustable. If the layout of your home is a little inconvenient, this could save your life.

Better Storage

In contrast to regular bathroom sinks and countertops, vanities typically have more space underneath. Because of this, homeowners can keep items like scales or storage bins under the vanity. It’s a great approach to get more organised and clear up other areas of clutter.

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