Bathroom Tub to Shower Conversions
in St. Joseph, MO

The American Institute of Architects reports that the popularity of bathrooms without tubs is rapidly rising.

Hardly ever use your bathtub? Convert it to an enormous shower that is simpler to use, looks wonderful in your bathroom, and is long lasting! Even the most dated bathrooms can benefit greatly from it. The aesthetic of your bathroom as a whole might be badly impacted by an old, broken, or fading bathtub.

A great method to update your home is to turn a bathtub into a shower. It gives the bathroom a larger, more luxurious appearance and feel. You probably don’t use the tub very much unless you have little children. If so, it would probably be wise to turn it into a shower because it not only looks so much better but also requires much less upkeep.

Installing a customized tile shower to truly make that room pop is usually a fantastic idea when homeowners decide to get rid of that old tub. You may even use real stone in the design! At St. Joseph Kitchen and Bath, our expert team would be delighted to help you with that. We are skilled and have years of experience.

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