Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Refinishing
and/or Resurfacing
in St. Joseph, MO

Changing the appearance of the kitchen cabinets is one of the main objectives (and perhaps the only objective) of a kitchen remodelling project. Making these changes can significantly alter the way your kitchen feels and looks. To achieve this, though, you frequently don’t need brand-new cabinets. Your cabinets might look significantly improved by being painted or refaced.

Refinishing versus Resurfacing

What distinguishes resurfacing from refinishing then? Resurfacing is the process of using laminate or wood veneer replacement material to cover the existing cabinet framework. The current cabinet boxes are kept, but all of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts are new. To ensure that everything matches, it is also possible to change cabinet face frames, side panels, and mouldings. This makes the cabinets look more contemporary by hiding any flaws like scratches and stains. A ideal time to replace the hardware or moulding is during resurfacing.

Simply changing the colour or finish of the cabinets through hand sanding or chemically removing the old paint or stain from the wood is known as refinishing. The cabinets now have a unique and significantly more modern appearance. This is sometimes referred to as merely painting, which is now in style. For an example of painted kitchen cabinets, see the image on the right. The prior image is at the top, while the next image is at the bottom.

The staff at St. Joseph Kitchen and Bath is glad to help you with your project and only uses the best stains and paints. Without professional assistance, resurfacing or refinishing may be a difficult and time-consuming task that you shouldn’t attempt on your own. Let us completely revamp your cabinets!

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