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Flooring Renovations
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Are you planning to hire us to install the flooring for your kitchen or bathroom renovation project? Learn some of your options by reading on!

Vinyl Plank

The vinyl tile does not sound entirely right. Maybe you prefer the way hardwood looks. Sadly, hardwood is one sort of flooring that usually won’t resist the moisture of a space like the kitchen or a bathroom. Large amounts of water can be a concern for wooden surfaces, leading to damage. There is always vinyl plank, which is good news! Without the pressure of being harmed or bent, it still retains that hardwood appearance. Furthermore, you could find it difficult to distinguish it from exotic flooring due to how convincing its appearance is.

Vinyl Tile

This kind of flooring is designed to resemble expensive materials, such natural stone. However, vinyl tiles are far less expensive. They also withstand moisture far better than tiles made of natural stone.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic, which is always a popular option and is composed of clay, is produced to be the same size, giving your home a pleasant uniform appearance. In addition to looking extravagant, ceramic tile can replicate the colour and texture of stone tile, and St. Joseph Kitchen and Bath has years of experience installing ceramic tile.

Sheet Vinyl

Both the kitchen and the bathroom benefit greatly from the use of sheet vinyl. It has a very clean and uniform appearance because it is installed without gaps. The sheets of vinyl are available in a wide range of colors and designs, making it simple to select one that matches your preferences. They can even imitate the appearance and patterns of some more costly flooring options, including wood or stone.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is a very popular flooring alternative, much like ceramic tile. It is perfect for places like the kitchen or bathroom because it is dense, strong, and waterproof. For your kitchen or bathroom, you can choose the texture, colour, and design that you enjoy the most. You’ll discover that it comes in a wide variety and will undoubtedly appeal to every taste!

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