Kitchen and Bathroom Counterop Replacement and Renovation
in St. Joseph, MO

You need help choosing a countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom. Granite? Marble? Quartz? If you want to learn more, keep reading. If you’d prefer to advance, please call us right away or complete the form to the right.


Granite has always been a preferred material for countertops in both bathrooms and kitchens. Due to its stunning natural aesthetics, residents have been attracted to it for many years. Granite is usually what you’re seeking if you desire luxury. Durability and cleaning easiness are two additional advantages of granite. There are numerous original design possibilities due to its composition.


Marble has also historically been a popular choice. You won’t need to worry about marble falling out of style anytime soon because its appearance has been adored since ancient times. In terms of natural stone countertop selections, it’s actually one of the more affordable ones.


Then there is quartz, which has recently gained popularity and it is simple to understand why. It doesn’t need special cleaners or to be resealed every few years like granite does. It costs about the same as granite and nevertheless has a very polished and lovely natural stone appearance. It has a much wider range of colours and styles because it is composed of engineered material. Additionally, it is exceptionally stain and scratch resistant.

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