Bathtub Refinishing
in St. Joseph, MO

bathtub-refinishing-st-josephBathtubs can either be an amazing haven of relaxation in your own house or a disgusting eyesore that should have been removed years ago. St. Joseph  bathtub refinishing services allow us to bring your tub back to showroom quality. We have options and a budget for you, no matter how your tub is currently configured. Don’t be hesitant to call us because we’ve worked with budgets of all sizes.


Bathtub Liners

Bathtub liners are moulded replicas that quickly restore a filthy old tub by covering the tub’s floor and walls. Another advantage of liners is that they can shield your tub from moisture-related problems like rust or water damage. Additionally, despite being an addition, they are quite durable and resistant to rough cleaning agents.

The Restoration Process

Tub restoration is accomplished by our experts in two processes using a unique technique. This makes it possible for us to get rid of stains like soap scum and mineral deposits. After these stains are eliminated, our experts get to work fixing any cracks or chips in the tub’s walls or floors. A fine finishing spray that produces a tough acrylic coating for your tub completes the restoration process. It will reappear brand-new and gleaming!

Reglazing the tub

Sanding away the tub’s initial few layers of old surface prepares it for reglazing. Cracks and chips in the worn areas will then be filled and glued. A final buffing is done after the paint has been placed, followed by primer. Reglazing allows you to select from a variety of colours that St. Joseph Kitchen & Bath has to offer. It is a little easier process, albeit it might not be as lasting as using a liner.

Replacing versus Refinish

If you’re having trouble deciding whether to replace your tub, reglaze it, or perhaps even convert it to a shower, you’re definitely comparing the costs of each option. Refinishing is less time-consuming and significantly less expensive than replacing your tub or converting your bathtub into a shower. You generally don’t want to perform a conversion but rather a replacement if you feel like you need a bathtub (for example, if you have young children or simply enjoy taking a good bath every now and then). Refinishing is the quickest, least expensive, and painless choice. Do not hesitate to call St. Joseph Kitchen & Bath if you want to know further about your possibilities.

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