Backsplash Installation
in St. Joseph, MO

Let St. Joseph Kitchen & Bath Remodeling enrich your kitchen with a gorgeous backsplash! Your kitchen’s backsplash is indeed the decorative centerpiece of the kitchen. Consider them for your kitchen as a type of accent wall. It can create a mood and give your kitchen a touch of your uniqueness. The sole purpose of the adoption of backsplashes was functionality. They were developed to protect the walls of the kitchen from splashes of water or grease from the stove or sink (hence the name). However, they are now mostly seen as an aesthetic addition to your kitchen.

Backsplashes are available in a wide variety of colours, materials, sizes, and styles. Let’s look more closely.

Ceramic tile

The traditional backsplash material is ceramic, which is long-lasting, durable, and often affordable.


Ceramic and glass are comparable in terms of their durability and ease of maintenance. Glass costs more than ceramic, however. Glass is unique for a number of additional reasons, such as its ability to reflect light. In choosing an opacity for your kitchen design, you should think carefully. They might be almost opaque or entirely transparent. Glass makes up the ever-popular subway tiles.


Natural Stone

Natural stone is much less popular, but it may offer your kitchen a completely unique look and feel. Slate will provide a completely different feel and appearance than marble, which will generate an attractive design. You should certainly leave this to an interior designer. Another factor is that it costs more and requires specialised cleaners to maintain clean.



The popularity of metal backsplash is rising. Similar to glass, materials like stainless steel, copper, and others have a reflected characteristic that can give the impression that your kitchen is larger. There are also additional factors to take into account, such as its gloss, just like with glass. It could be brushed or polished. However, if your appliances and faucets are made of metal, you’ll want to be careful not to overdo it in the kitchen. An interior designer should be consulted about this potential alternative as well. Metal tiles are usually expensive.


Yes, wood. Wooden backsplashes are also becoming more and more common, especially those made of shiplap or beadboard. If you want to have a more country or cottage-style appearance, it provides a very unique aesthetic and is excellent. If you have gas burners, you’ll need to be cautious regarding safety. If they are sealed, wooden backsplashes are typically affordable and easy to maintain.

There are also selections for brick backsplash, travertine backsplash, engineered stone backsplash, porcelain backsplash, and quartz backsplash. St. Joseph Kitchen & Bath Remodeling can help you with the installation of whatever you decide to use to enhance your kitchen cabinets!

If you’re thinking about putting a backsplash in your kitchen, give us a call right now. Since the possibilities are practically endless, it would be helpful if we could visit you at home with a catalogue so you may browse.

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